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Martial Arts Super Center

Welcome to the Academy of Tae Kwon Do

Come join the "Yes, I Can" Team. Here we use Martial Arts skills, techniques and principals to help you in your everyday lives.

        Why Martial Arts? Why not! With the changing of our daily routines, Martial Arts is that extra boost you need to keep you mentally stable and focused to continue to reach your day to day and lifetime goals.

        For over 35 years, I have dedicated my life helping others develop the best parts of themselves. Our student's young and old alike achieve success and personal development through our comprehensive program. It has given me so much joy over the years to watch student after student challenge themselves in such a way, that they come to perform at a level they never dreamed possible. That performance then follows to them to their homes, schools, work place, neighborhoods and faith communities. Having the opportunity to have you as part of that success story would truly be an honor.

       We are here to motivate you, challenge you, and guide you on the path to personal excellence. I hope you will join us in assisting you on your "quest to be your best."

 Master Littlejohn